Sat Nam Foundation was created by Kundalini Yogis with the mission of creating opportunities for our community of yogis to serve and to be known for our service. Sat Nam Foundation’s purpose is to serve the underserved. With a special focus on children, Sat Nam Foundation has brought their projects to children in greatest need around the world, from orphanages to disaster relief to refugee crises. We invite our community to join us in this important work!



“We must be known for our service.”

– Yogi Bhajan


Sat Nam Foundation’s Mission

Sat Nam Foundation was created to serve.
Service is one of the fundamental practices of a yogic lifestyle.
We believe that it is our duty as yogis to serve.

Sat Nam Foundation serves anywhere it can. We have responded to the call for disaster relief, children’s causes, refugee rescue, the hungry, environmental protection, native people’s rights, and the urgent need for clean water access. We have supported projects and people in India, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Haiti, the United States, and South Africa.



Located in the Western Province of Kenya, Nambale Magnet School is a residential school for vulnerable children impacted by the AIDS epidemic with a commitment to self-sustainability, both financially and environmentally. Sat Nam Foundation is collaborating with “Solar Now” to fund and install a solar energy system that will bring Nambale one step closer to autonomy.


Located in the sacred mountains of Tepoztlan, Mexico, Tashirat is an orphanage whose children have been rejected due to disability or deformity. Tashirat is dedicated to providing children with a healthy, loving home and bright future. Sat Nam Foundation is  installing a 100,000 gallon rain water captacion and storage system that will guarantee the children clean water year round.


Located in the high Himalayas, Manjushree Orphanage was founded with an emphasis on empowering children to be self-sustainable through education. Sat Nam Foundation is working with their founder, Lama Thupten, to fund a larger kitchen that will allow the orphanage to serve more children in need of a home.